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Crystals Light Up The World So Reality Can Be A Better Place In Infinite Possibilities

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Crystal Info for Ages 5-99

Welcome to Jasper’s Crystals, the premier online compendium dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the mineral kingdom.

We have an exhaustive list of crystals, from amethyst to zircon and everything in between — detailing their unique histories, uses, symbolic meanings, and healing properties.

What you will find at Jasper's Crystals

History of Crystals

Crystals have long fascinated humans with their physical and energetic uses. Discover how our relationship with crystals has formed and evolved over the millenia.

Healing & Spiritual Qualities

Healers have long used crystals and gems to rebalance and heal energetic bodies and to protect against creatures over the millenia.

Where to Find Gems

Gems are found on every continent and in every country in the world. Find where your favorite gems are from.

How They're Used

Crystals have many uses including computers, clocks and watches, meditation, jewelry, and many more. Over the millenia.